Running is the fundamental basis for many sports as well as an excellent way to lose weight and improve aerobic capacity. However as many of us know all too well, the impact of running can also take a heavy toll on joints and muscles.

Our biomechanical screening service for runners has two goals:

  • Identify biomechanical issues that could lead to common overuse injuries e.g. runners knee (kneecap), ITB, achilles problems, groin pain, foot pain (plantar fasciitis) and shin splints.

  • Identify and correct inefficient running styles through observation of stride length, foot contact point, position and time, cadence, hip mechanics, arm action and overall body position.

In both cases we will provide a tailored program of exercises and drills that will help you to run injury-free and to run faster.

We are all individuals and we all have our own specific goals. Your running assessment is tailored to your requirements, taking into account your biomechanics, running technique, and training history. We can also assess and monitor your future plans.

We will need you to bring your normal running gear, including your running shoes to the assessment.


Initial Assessment (45 minutes)

Follow Up Sessions (30 minutes)