We offer a full range of physiotherapy services including rehabilitation, conditioning work and sports massage. We are experts in manual therapy and soft-tissue mobilisation techniques, designed to get you active and pain-free as quickly as possible.

We always begin by undertaking a detailed assessment and listening carefully to your account of how the current condition has developed.

We have worked successfully with a wide range of complex cases and long-term conditions, and enjoy the challenge of ‘treating the untreatable’. Our staff team has thirty years’ experience of working with athletes of all ages and abilities, so no matter how unusual your injury we have probably come across something similar!


Recovering from sudden injury and/or surgery can be a challenging process. We will work with you show you how to do the most effective rehabilitation exercises in the correct way, and we will constantly monitor your progress through the different stage of recovery.

We offer regular email and phone contact to all patients on rehabilitation programmes so you can ask questions and gain reassurance in between scheduled sessions at the clinic.


Strength and Conditioning

You don't have to be an elite athlete to benefit from strength and conditioning programs. The underlying causes of many commonly occurring types of pain and injury can be solved through small amounts of regular basic conditioning work, which will strengthen your muscle tissue to better manage the load on your body.

After injury and acute or prolonged pain, the way you move can change as you naturally compensate to guard and protect the area of pain. Simple exercises can help you regain your normal movements and reduce the risk of long term issues.

Strength and conditioning has been proven to increase performance in many sports. We are happy to work with you to design exercises that you can incorporate into your daily schedule. We are also happy to work with your personal trainer, or introduce you to personal training partners who can help motivate and guide you through an exercise program.


Sports Massage

We provide sports massage for specific issues, and more general massage to help during heavy training periods or pre and post races.

Deep tissue massage can also be beneficial if you are suffering from postural stress, repetitive strains or muscle fatigue through pregnancy, recent childbirth or work-related causes.